What is a quartz watch?

A quartz watch is a type of watch that is powered by a battery and regulated by a small piece of quartz crystal. Unlike mechanical watches, they tend to be simply constructed, meaning that they are easier and cheaper to produce. Because they are electrical, quartz timepieces may have a traditional clock face or a digital display.

How do quartz watches work?

A quartz watch is a battery-powered timepiece that uses a piece of quartz crystal to keep time. When you run an electrical current through a quartz crystal, it will vibrate at an almost perfectly constant frequency. This consistent rate of vibration allows the watch to keep very precise time.

Because this type of watch relies on an electrical power source, it does not need a complex mechanical clockwork movement or mainspring in order to function.

Are quartz watches good?

High-end quartz watches can keep very accurate time — sometimes to within a few seconds a year. Unlike mechanical types, they don’t have many moving parts, meaning they’re also more durable than automatic and manual watches. The streamlined simplicity of the design also allows more room for specialist features within the watch: for example, compasses, altimeters, thermometers, alarms and illumination.

As quartz timepieces are made using fewer components, they also tend to be much lighter and slimmer than their mechanical counterparts. You can find light, fashionable quartz designs in our collection. 

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